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Laws Re Importing Food For Individuals

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  • Laws Re Importing Food For Individuals

    I am planning to order some foodstuffs from iHerb or Vitacost, items that are difficult (some impossible) to find here. I have done this with success a few years ago, however, as I understand it, the laws surrounding importation have recently changed. I have had terrible luck so far this year, with one of my shipments being destroyed by customs, and one I was forced to send back to Australia or risk that one also being destroyed. In both cases I was told that someone visiting me could hand deliver the items to me without issue. Neither of those shipments contained foodstuffs however.

    My question is this: Have the laws surrounding postage of foodstuffs to Indonesia for individuals (i.e. not a company) changed recently as well? I won't go into too much detail, suffice it to say, that some of the things I am ordering include oat fiber powder, flavoured liquid stevia, artificial sweetener and whey protein powder.

    Just looking for advice from someone who's had recent experience with personal shipments of foodstuffs, that's all!

    Thanks in advance