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Shipping - delicate belongings back to Australia ?

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  • Shipping - delicate belongings back to Australia ?

    Hi Guys,

    I am intending to Air Freight / or Ship ..,
    - Some of my personal belongings (that are currently here in Indonesia) .., back to Australia (East Coast)

    Question ; I would like to know if there are any problems / grief to expect from Australian Customs ? ...,
    ie - from sending my personal belongings 'back to Australia' .., as most of my used personal belongings / items here in Indonesia are well valued over AUD $1000 each ..,

    .., and I have heard that they may try to charge me import duty on them , even though some of these item originated from Australia to begin with, and the other item are used and also personal belongings ?

    ...., what are your recommendations guys ? , So far - here are some of my thoughts below ...,

    At this stage , due to the fragile delicate nature , plus expense of my items ,
    - I think Air Freight might be my best solution than Sea freight ?

    .., because I have read from F.A.Q 's via various Shipping Companies websites - that ...,

    For Sea Shipping - my Items would first gets shipped from home in Bali .., then,

    - to the Shipping Companies warehouse - and palleted / boxed up ,
    - then moved on to Surabaya,
    - then Singapore ..., before going on a slow ocean voyage to Australia
    Cons - Sea Shipping ; Lots of multiple handling = more chance of Damage to Fragile items + slow).

    For Air Freight - My Items would first gets shipped from home in Bali .., then,
    - to the Shipping Companies warehouse - and palleted / boxed up ,
    - goes to the nearest international airport, and direct to Australia ..,
    (and I can even be on the same flight if I organise this through a commercial passenger airline)
    Pros - Air Freight ; Less handling = less chance of items getting damaged + speedy delivery.

    At a guess , I roughly guesstimate - I may need to freight about 3 - 4 cubic meters...,

    My Fragile Items would include :

    - 6 surfboards (longest is 9'6" - ie; 2.90 meters)
    - 6 Guitars (a mix of expensive electric and acoustic guitars)
    - 2 Large Combo / cabinet type Guitar Amplifiers (each with - speaker + amp combo)
    - 3 Various other Large speakers ,
    - 2 suitcases full of electronic FX , and Delicate Microphones
    - Other Expensive Computer Equipment , including Specialised Monitor Screen.
    - Various Mic Stands and Cables etc.

    Any Recommendations Guys ?
    Cheers [IMG]https://*********************/styles/default/xenforo/clear.png[/IMG]

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    Bump .., anyone ?


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      Your shipment almost looks commercial.  Whenever there are more than one expensive item customs deems it as a commercial entry and can levy fees.  Based on the "Border Security" show on television, Australia is one of the tightest countries for entry of commercially based shipments.  I see no way of getting around is totally their call.