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Jakarta-london flights double london-Jakarta price

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  • Jakarta-london flights double london-Jakarta price

    I recently searched flights to go home and visit my family, and was shocked at the prices I found.
    Jakarta - london 22 million rupiah return
    jakarta - london 12 million rupiah one way

    London - Jakarta (500 pounds) maybe 7 or 8 million rupiah return

    seems incredibly unfair.
    Does anyone know a way around paying the inflated prices? or why airlines do this?

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    If you don't find anything cheaper searching for "cheap ticket jakarta London" , or " ...Singapore London" , or " ...Kuala Lumpur London" , then you are out of luck .

    Buying 5 months in advance (some 5 months ago) I found a promotion Kuala Lumpur-South America-Kuala Lumpur (around double the distance of your flight) for just 15 million Rupiah .


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      Try skyscanners website. I found flights going back to London in June with Malaysia Airlines for about 8-9 million rupiah.


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        You can find in or They have good price for that flight or i can find you another cheap flight for that


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          When are you planning on making your trip? Maybe you could get cheaper tickets by booking months in advance.
          I looked up for tickets from CGK to Heathrow earlier in Traveloka in around May and the cheapest one was around 5 million rupiah or 50 USD. Considerably cheaper than the price you stated in your original post. Good luck!