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Cost of Construction in Indonesia

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  • Cost of Construction in Indonesia

    Hey guys,

    new member here. I searched the forum for information but I found really old posts which might not be actual anymore.

    I'm looking to find out how much would cost to build per square meter. Land will be in Moyo Island. Would be good to have a rough idea, plus if you have any builders that can meet me this week in Bali would be really appreciated.


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          hmm.. ur not quite specific..
          here in jakarta , for standar house, it will start generally around 4-5mill rp/m2

          but in moyo island , i think will be much more higher.. there is a lot variable.. transportation, access to location, type of building,etc.. i think the builder will calculate based on lump sum/package, not per square meter


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            Right for this. That why u also need to have the good connexions.


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              You want the house with fireplace ?


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                about the cost, it would depend on several factors, such as the location, if the location is a strategic place or not. The more strategic the place, the bigger it will cost. I have searched the location you want to build, it's Moyo island, at Nusa Tenggara Barat, right? the construction cost might not be too expensive due to the strategic factor and i don't find a lot of buldings at mojo island but The island is mostly uninhabited and unknown to the majority of tourists . I am sorry for not being helpfull