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  • Living in Batam - Working in Singapore

    Hi all,
    I am currently working in Hong Kong and exploring the possibility to move in Singapore.
    I am Italian and my wife is Indonesian.

    I would like to live in Batam and working in SG, I have I couple of fundamental questions:
    1. Am I legally allowed to do so? I think of course I would need:
      1. A SG Working Visa;
      2. Indonesian Residence Visa
    1. SG Visa: should I need to have a permanent address in SG in order to apply / maintain the visa? Or I can simply travel daily from SG to Batam having my permanent domicile in Batam?
    Many thanks!


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    In relation to Indonesia , having an Indonesian wife makes you eligible for an one year Limited Stay Permit/KITAS , and later a 5 years Permanent Stay Permit/KITAP .

    In relation to Singapore , I don't know .


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      1. By having Sg working visa, you can enter Indonesia 30 days as a tourist. but you can apply Indonesian Residence visa under your wife guarantee
      2. Sure you must have a permanent address in Sg for your personal information to apply/maintain the visa. However, your idea about simply travel daily from Sg to Batam should be re-considered. First ferry to Spore is 6am Indo time, means you will arrive in Spore 8am Sg time which might be late for you to go office. You might be late to catch last ferry too for going back home in Batam. normally peoples go there on Sunday evening - back Friday evening, and having short weekend in Batam.


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        Originally posted by Julie_Josey View Post
        1. By having Sg working visa, you can enter Indonesia 30 days as a tourist...

        Julie_Josey , I think that the eligibility for the 30 days Indonesian Tourist Visa has nothing to do with the person holding a Singapore work Visa . Eligibility depend on the person's nationality .

        Anyway , it was good that you mentioned that , because I forgot to tell DavidePr that he has another good Indonesian Visa/Stay Permit option , which is to use 30 days Indonesian visa exemptions (or one can also name it a 30 days free Indonesian Visa) . In this way he could save the time and money to get the KITAS or KITAP , but for the other hand he would lose the benefits of holding KITAS/KITAP (opening an Indonesian bank account , for example) .