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need info abt driv.license

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    [COLOR=#333333]6. Go to Class 5 (Opposite to BAnk DKI Counter) for theory test. 30 Questions with multiple choices. Easy One. Need minimum 20 marks to clear this test. Else you have to again visit center for Test after 2 weeks. But next time there is no need to pay anything) (15-20 Mins/ Max Time allowed is 30 Mins)[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#333333]In Medan test is in Indonesian, no English test paper available. Did you get a five year licence?

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      Originally posted by colroe View Post
      [COLOR=#333333]In Medan test is in Indonesian, no English test paper available. Did you get a five year licence? [/COLOR]
      Here in Jakarta, English version of Question Paper is available.
      I am on KITAS, so validity of SIM in for an year only.


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        Originally posted by gaurav.a View Post
        Here in Jakarta, English version of Question Paper is available.
        I am on KITAS, so validity of SIM in for an year only.
        Weird really, one would never think there were any rules of the road, I did see a book in Gramedia on Indonesia Highway Code, seems hard to find now,


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          Originally posted by tihzho View Post
          Not to "derail" this thread but think about this. If one must use an agent to get something so basic as a driving license heaven help someone wanting to set up a company here.

          Indonesia is ranked 109th in the World Bank Ease of Doing Business Ranking. The number one spot goes to Singapore and Malaysia at 17th which makes sense as even being an official Islamic state they have a Casino.

          Well we have a busway...
          Think again. Apparently the majority party is getting cozy with a opposition party to get hudud in for the whole country, not just one state like Aceh.
          That casino is not gonna survive this, lol.

          Kuala Lumpur (CNN)A proposal in Malaysia's Parliament to introduce the strict Islamic penal code known as hudud law is threatening to split the country's government apart.

          The proposed bill was introduced in parliament last Thursday by Abdul Hadi Awang, the president of the country's opposition Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party.
          It will be debated in October and, if passed, will replace current provisions in the country's Sharia courts -- which govern Muslims -- with harsher hudud punishments. Hudud law allows for penalties such as amputation of limbs and stoning.
          The tabling of the bill was made possible with the support of the United Malays National Organization (UMNO), the majority party that makes up the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition. Prime Minister Najib Razak has been trying to calm the uproar that has erupted since the tabling of the proposal, denying that the bill will lead to the full implementation of hudud law.


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            Having previously said it didn't really matter whether you had a valid licence or not, I have to say that karma must have caught up with me.

            The other evening in frustration trying to find a U-turn that wouldn't add 45 minutes on to my journey I took a chance and swung around a junction clearly marked No U-Turn and drove slap bang into a cop. For the first time ever, out of frustration, I didn't do my usual "silly-bule-has-no-idea-what-he's-doing-could-a-bit-of-cash-clear-up-this-misunderstanding-officer?" routine and instead just sat fuming as he started writing the ticket. He asked to see my licence and being a perceptive chap he noticed it was out of date. So he now points to the part of the ticket that clearly states two traffic infractions costs Rp 250,000. He continued to fill out the ticket and I realised I was going to have to go to court, so I lightened up and asked whether there was anything I could do to avoid this, sure, he said, give me the 250k and the staff at the office will sort it out for me.

            I looked at the ticket, it was all complete and filled out correctly with all my details, there it was, I again asked would I really have to go to court, no mister I'm helping you here, here's the ticket, pay the fine and it will be sorted.

            Maybe he kept the money and ripped up the ticket, maybe he didn't, but I was caught bang to rights and couldn't object to the fine as it was clearly correct for my two violations. If he kept the cash it is no concern of mine as I clearly owed the money one way or the other (unless I get a court summons in the next few days and that will be a different kettle of fish) but the moral of the story is, get your licence up to date.