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possible to live in Bekasi working in Cikampek?

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  • possible to live in Bekasi working in Cikampek?


    My name is Emilio and from April I will be working in Indonesia. Regarding the accomodation, the company suggested me a small/medium house in a residential area near Summarecon mall in Bekasi, but other colleages who have been here recommend me to stay in Bandung. As far as I understand both would be 1-2 hours by car from Cikampek, depending on the traffic. What would be your recommendation?

    For a better picture, I come from Spain and so far I just know the numbers and the most usual words for greetings in bahasa, so at least at the begginig I would like to have some contact with international people. I have 28th, no family here and no international people where I work either.

    Thank you in advance for your suggestions!!

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    if cikampek after tol kopo - bandung
    if cikampek before tol kopo - bekasi


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      Why not find accommodations in Cikampek? When you wish to socialize or shop, then both Jakarta and Bandung will be in relatively easy reach. Rather than dealing with a tiring, mandatory, time-robbing commute every day, you can make purposeful trips only when the notion strikes you. Just a thought based on what I know of the traffic in the Jakarta-Bandung corridor.


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        I would say yes.

        Summarecon is a very new, very modern, quite spacious housing complex for Indonesian standards. It has an excellent mall with quite a few brand name shops and some great restaurants.

        Living there will also give you easy access into Jakarta for when you want.


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          or you can choose lippo cikarang ..(bekasi is km 9, while cikarang is km 31 and cikampek- if not mistaken- is km 71 ) bekasi is totally a jam in the morning and the evening. .. and you can still go to jakarta in the weekend (or weekdays if you wish) without driving too long (or sitting too long in the car)
          from lippo cikarang thru exit cikarang timur ( delta mas) , it would take about less than an hour to get to cikampek ( my previous company has some vendors in cikampek, so i used to travel from cikarang to cikampek)
          there are some expats (actually quite a lot ) expat in lippo cikarang... some of them are member of this forum.
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            Traffic is hell! Stay in Cikampek. I dont know any nice house or apartment complex in Cikampek though.


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              If I were in you situation, I will choose to stay at Waduk jatiluhur instead. Fresh air with a nice lake view, cheaper accomodation, nearest to place of work, no jam...