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    Originally posted by jstar View Post
    About the robot vacuum; you need a model which has an auto return to the docking station to recharge, is sucks to do that manually or even to replace the batteries.
    .....I was under the impression ALL vacuum cleaners sucked...
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      Thanks again, jstar!


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        Hi Angelita and Jstar,

        I had my eye on the Krisbow iRobot too, but many people told me they were disappointed by it

        Just curious, did you bring your Roomba to Indonesia? If so, any problem with the custom?



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          Great gift from my fiancé, a Roomba 690. I have never owned one until now! It's awesome because I own 3 dogs and it really keeps my hardwood clean. Easy to clean. I have a three bedroom smaller house and it will vacuum entire thing on battery life and when it's done it goes home to charger. You can also control it thru your phone when you're at work you can turn it on. It gets stuck under my couch sometimes or at the edge it can't get out. It makes some noise and turns off I have to move it from the couch. That is annoying but I blame the couch that is sunk in lol.
          Eufy is among the fastest growing robot vacuum brands. The brand boasts a range of robot vacuums models. But has it outshone Roomba?


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            Don't go to Ace. It's not good. I request all the buyers to beware.


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              If you have made up your mind to get a robot vacuum cleaner, it is of course advisable to get the maximum amount of convenience you can get. Go for the vacuum cleaners that will go back to their docking station once they have finished cleaning the room. The docking station is important, because this is where the vacuum cleaners get charged. Generally, a full charging process for a robot vacuum only takes about three hours, but the charging time can be more depending on the model you buy.

              For brand, I recommend you iRomba RObot. They have good quality and easy to programmed. Best robot vacuum review can be seen here ==>