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  • Adjust to the situation or adjust the situation

    Originally posted by Alia View Post
    I still feel weird with the 'stasiun kerja'. I know it will translate that though in the dictionary for 'workstation' but still it doesn't sound right and common in Indonesian.

    What about 'ruang kerja' ? [SIZE=3]But this too is a little unnecessary to tell your future employee about the place/room you worked. Why would you write it ? You should be able to adjust to the new conditions and places and make the best of it.[/SIZE]

    What about 'lingkup pekerjaan' ? Ruang kerja will refer to the place where you're working, and 'lingkup pekerjaan' will refer to what things that you do which I think more suitable to be mentioned on your CV.
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    I transfer this quote from my CV translation tread.
    The subject is very different and I had ever see people interested by management subject in this forum.

    I want split this question in two:
    1- As foreigner/expat, what do you think is the best, adjust to the situation or adjust the situation?

    2- Same question than in the first but as an employee (same nationality or not).

    Exemple and experience a very welcome
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    Being a non foreigner/expat, I'll answer question #2

    With high unemployment rate, most employee today is adjusting to the situation to survive, I bet.

    Adjust the situation -> you suited better to be an entrepreneur and hiring employees.



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      This comes to mind:
      God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
      Courage to change the things I can,
      And wisdom to know the difference.


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        Originally posted by Injun View Post
        This comes to mind:
        The last line should read
        And wisdom to know where to bury the bodies of those who piss me off

        In regards to the OP , I think if you are an employee you would be expected to adjust TO the situation presented.

        As an employer you have the abilty to adjust the situation to suit .



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          Goosssh... I don't have time to answer to my own tread!!!! I will come back later.

          Injun: Look like God forget my when he grant the serenity of accepting what can't be change!

          I believe the only thing that can't be change is the past, we still have the present and the future.
          La motivation vient en se motivant ~ Motivation come by self-motivation


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            I know that not everything can be changed. If you don't believe it, you will blame yourself for many things you really have no control over. Death is one example.


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              the best is you know how and when you have to adjust to the situation and you have the capability to adjust the situation when it's required.


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                Ok ok... I exagerate a little by "everything" can be change. What I had in mind by "change" was more on the improvement side than really changing something.

                But that is out of the topic...
                The quote I bring here from my CV translation, is about working.

                In the past I had ever see boss who don't like employee that bring improvement (change):
                The most reason was becasue he was what we call "a one man show" on the meaning that he take absolutely all decision in his business.
                Any improvement not bring out by him was making shadow on the shining of his star and he didn't like that.

                Right now, the company for who I "work", have a pitiful management, I had give them 2-3 report explaining some of the major trouble, and some advise for fix it.
                Until now nothing have change.

                Since I read the comment of Alia, I really ask myself:
                Culturally, does Indonesian boss will in majority see a "ask for improvement/change" as an arrogance? (Thinking you are better than them)
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