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Paypal Indonesia

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  • Paypal Indonesia

    I have just opened an Indonesian paypal account, but cannot verify it, as I do not have a credit card. Is there any alternative way to send funds into this account, perhaps via an Indonesian Bank account or a service like Liberty Exchange?

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    Hi markustm, I have a paypal account but it is linked to my overseas account for which i have online banking. Istri has one as well but her's is linked to her credit card. If you have an overseas account or credit card, link the paypal account to it and you shouldn't have any problems.
    Having said that, I did open my paypal account with my australian address and after verification then changed it to my Indonesian address. Hope this is of some help to you.


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      Unfortunately is (some) Indonesian banks haven't familiar with Paypal yet, so maybe it could be a little difficult to be proceeded. The only way is, of course, using credit card.

      But, maybe if you have some more free time, you can try to contact Bank Mandiri or Bank Niaga for this issue, since I've ever been informed that these banks had cooperated with Paypal. Good luck.


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        Yes. If you have an Indonesian bank account you can be verified. Here's a helpful hint (in Indonesian).