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  • How to spend my time ?

    I am a senior and in good health. An ex Brit currently living in Australia, but making frequent visits to Bali.
    3/4 times a year. I stay at a kost in Denpasar.
    I'm looking for ways to spend my time there. I considered volunteering, but that seems to be a no,no.
    I'm a practical man who would like some kind of project to work on. I'm currently building a motorscooter
    trailer. ( I don't know how this will be viewed by the Bali police )
    Anyway, I think a mix of social contact and work on a project would be ideal for me. Any thoughts/ideas
    would be welcome. Cheers.

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    Originally posted by Recycled View Post
    (1) ... I considered volunteering, but that seems to be a no,no ...

    (2) I'm currently building a motorscooter trailer. ( I don't know how this will be viewed by the Bali police ) ...

    (1) I think that you would need a special authorization from Immigration to volunteer . You can talk about this with the chief of your local Kantor Imigrasi .

    (2) I see this as similar to volunteering . In other words , any kind of work can be considered as an illegal/criminal act . Better talk about this with Immigration , before they deport you .

    Unfortunately Immigration does not want us to do anything except spend our money . They even consider a crime if we do anything that is not tourism for a Tourist Visa (see below) . I guess that the only way to do what you want is to marry an Indonesian and get a KITAS or KITAP sponsored by the Indonesian spouse .


    UU no.6 , year 2011
    Article 122
    Shall be punished with imprisonment of five (5) years and fined at most Rp500.000.000, 00 (five hundred million rupiah):

    a. any foreigner who deliberately misuse or engage in activities not in accordance with the intent and purpose of the Visa/Stay Permit/ITAS/KITAS given to him/her;


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      Thanks Marcus,
      Yes, the consequences of working over there seem pretty dire. I've given up on volunteering. Not worth the effort and too risky.
      The trailer I'm building is in Perth. I'll bring most of it with me when I come in a couple of days. Of course it will have to be
      re-assembled, but maybe a local can do it under my supervision. It will need a bit of welding too, but not much.
      I still need some ideas regarding how to spend my time. Come on guys. What do you do ?


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        Originally posted by Recycled View Post
        ... I still need some ideas regarding how to spend my time ...

        I have the same problem . I do some gardening and watch TV (don't like to read books) . Would like to have a dog , but the backyard is small , neighborhood not dog friendly , no park around , too heavy cars' traffic streets (some with no walkway) .


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          Well Marcus, we could get together and commiserate but Bandung is a bit out of my way.
          There's a tiny garden here at the kost, big enough to dig two graves side by side, but I think
          even this will be paved over to be used as a clothes drying area. ( come to think those graves
          would only accommodate short people ) I don't watch much TV in fact I don't have a TV in
          Bali (yet) but I do read all the time which is a lifesaver for me. Currently I spend a lot of time
          in Bali fixing up my room there. ( I go there tomorrow ) I've put in lots of shelves. Just one
          more to do. Then ???


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            I guess in Bali you may find more foreign friends than here (Indonesians are friendly but too shy to become close friends) .

            In relation to the garden , the most probable is that it will become a motorcycle parking area . In my view it is not worth washing clothes ourselves . At least here in my area , there are many laundry services charging a little more than USD0.5 per kilo (washing & ironing) .


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              I think at my age I've given up expecting to make close friends. Some solid acquaintances would do.
              I've lived alone so long I kind of like my own company anyway ( mostly )

              Most of the residents in the kost are young students and they all have clothes drying racks in the
              corridors and every available corner. Bloody nuisance. That's not for me. Why spend time washing
              in the sink ? The laundry is a two minute walk away.