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Permanent ban: LamaSekali - Sock puppeting

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  • Permanent ban: LamaSekali - Sock puppeting

    Dear users,

    It has come to our attention that LamaSekali and Berlarutlarut are one and the same user. We've had little doubts but we were still debating on how to handle this case and whether we could be 100% sure of it. An information we gathered only a few days ago removed any possible doubt and we decided to ban the sock puppet handle.

    We also factored the fact that in the past Berlarutlarut has created and used two other handles, without informing nor asking permission from the moderation team.

    Sock-puppetting and deceit are absolutely not tolerated on this board. Many users who have interacted with Berlarutlarut on the board have also interacted with LamaSekali without knowing they were one and the same person.

    Berlarutlarut is free to use his Berlarutlarut handle but any more attempt at creating new accounts would be rewarded by an immediate permanent ban.

    Thank you.

    The Moderation Team