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  • Minimum Posts Before Starting a Thread?

    I keep seeing all these new commercial threads as "first posts" by a new user. Of course, some people go on to become contributors to the forum, some don't. I'm wondering if there was ever a system whereby thou need to make at least 3-5 posts in other threads before starting your own, or something similar. I can think of at least one or two drawbacks to such a system, but has it ever been tried here? If so, what was the effect?

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    Vbulletin offers this solution (allowing a user to start a thread only after a minimum post count) but it has been decided long ago not to set the forum this way. We want those who have only 1 question to ask to be able to do so without necessarily becoming an active user. I believe it is in the spirit of the forum. The community is here to help and doesn't necessarily request a participation in return.

    In a similar idea I am always surprised by those who whinge about a user not posting after receiving an answer to his/her question. Who cares honestly? The most important is that the question has been answered and is visible for anyone in the community who may have the same question in the future.
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      I thought that might be the main thing. Anyway, even the spam is sometimes amusing. It would probably just cut down on forum use in general, huh? Also, if the advertiser can be bothered to set up an account, they can probably be bothered to make 3 random postings.