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  • missing thread

    someone posted last night a thread about arriving in jakarta on wednesday for 5 years and asking what visa they needed for university, where to live etc etc (yeh the usual!!)
    i replied politely with advice (as always!!!!!!!!)
    but seems today it has gone, the whole thread?
    i didnt know that whole threads could be deleted?
    usually they got locked or something

    did anyone else see it / read it or perhaps know where it went?
    just curious i didnt imagine it!

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    I wondered that too.

    I felt a little bit bad because someone thought what we (I think!) said was a bit "harsh". (I think we were just being honest and pointing out much more homework needed to be done by the OP!)
    Things happen for a reason...


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      The thread starter could have deleted it. And only mods / admin can lock and delete threads.
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        My very normal Personals thread got booted. and I received no explanation as to why. Sure, you lot were giving me a pasting, but hey, such is forum life sometimes. I actually blame sparky73 for its removal. From now on I'm going to blame sparky73 for everything - I need a nemesis.
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          As Alia points out, OPs can and do delete their own threads. Sometimes moderators will put threads back if it seems like a lot of worthwhile posts on the part of other posters are being deleted. That is a pretty rare occurrence, though.

          I won't say anything more about the specific thread in question. As a general matter, I'll note that moderators may have a different perspective and more information, and this can inform thread closings or deletions that might seem a bit mystifying to members at large. Probably the three biggest reasons that moderators take such actions are suspected or confirmed trolling, sock puppeting, and/or evidence that a thread is turning into an unbecoming trainwreck that detracts from the goals of the forum. More rarely it could be related to concerns over libel, an OP revealing unauthorized personal information that is not their right to share, or even (though I don't think I've seen it happen on this board; I have seen it happen elsewhere) compassion relating to a mentally unbalanced OP.

          Openness is good and the existence of the Forum Life channel, along with threads/posts it contains that often as not have been authored by the moderation team, shows that the owner/administrators/mods support this. That does not mean that there will be a big public announcement regarding every single moderator action. In part it is a time issue, but mostly it relates to that time-honored bit of internet advice that we all try, with varying degrees of success, to follow: DNFTT.
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            There are also a few channels where "stickies" spell out minimum requirements for posting, some "rules" about unproductive posting etc. Failure to observe these guides can result in deletion, sometimes without explanation - after all the stickies are headed: "Read this before posting".
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              Good point, JM - how could I forget to mention that? Stickies postulate that threads may be deleted without warning if they violate guidelines such as: job ads for expatriates must specify that the employer will cover costs of a KITAS/IMTA so the expat can work legally; personal ads are not allowed to specify nationality or race in seeking friends/dates; housing ads must give a reasonably clear sense of the location, plus include photos and other specific information.

              Those are examples, not an exhaustive list. Although moderator follow-up is not technically mandatory, I think I speak for everyone on the team when I say that if it would be better for the membership if the post were restored, I send a note (just a form letter at this point). For example, sincere attempts at posting a job don't always follow the required template. After receiving a PM explaining things, employers will often return with a more informative job ad that meets our rules. (The ones that vanish are usually the ones that seemed questionable to begin with). This is a good outcome for everyone.


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                it did seem a trifle dodgy to be honest anyway its gone now

                waiting for the next troll and bizarre thread any minute now


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                  Originally posted by Vanhellsink View Post
                  My very normal Personals thread got booted. and I received no explanation as to why. Sure, you lot were giving me a pasting, but hey, such is forum life sometimes. I actually blame sparky73 for its removal. From now on I'm going to blame sparky73 for everything - I need a nemesis.
                  Didn't realize it was gone, but your subsequent contributions suggest that you have two of the attributes needed to prosper in this environment -- a thick skin, a sense of humor, and astute powers of observation. Oh sorry, I did say two; strike the astute powers.

                  And yes, Sparky is clearly a person of interest.


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                    Originally posted by waarmstrong View Post
                    And yes, Sparky is clearly a person of interest.
                    dont worry, i am under mod surveillance ;-)
                    surprised you havent recognised me yet
                    no im not roysingh sorry hahaha or fred
                    ah dear old fred :'(

                    oh and btw, the thread i referred to as missing wasnt one of vanhellsinking feelings, it was some student dude who was apparantly arriving tomorrow and asking how to enrol in uni to get a student visa where to stay blah blah another one of those


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                      Thanks for the summary, Sparky. I was addressing the vampire chaser's lamentation regarding the mysterious disappearance of his initial effort. Seems like threads are dropping like flies. Although I usually prefer kibitzing, maybe I should start one and see what happens.