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Pip's forum privileges cancelled

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  • Pip's forum privileges cancelled

    [COLOR=#333333]This morning, following multiple new reports concerning some of Pip's latest posts (still viewable on the board), the moderation team agreed on ending an experiment it agreed on, at the time of his registration. Unfortunately, we came to the conclusion that it was time to put an end to it and to cancel Pip's forum privileges.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#333333]We will post further explanations in the days to come.[/COLOR]

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    [COLOR=#333333]As you may have noticed, Pip is now banned from this forum. Although some other times his posts were helpful, in other cases his pedantic and nick-picking style were very draining, particularly when things didn’t go his way.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#333333]A primary example is his continuous harassment of a forum administrator when reports he made, and follow-up messages, did not generate the response and personal attention he sought. After he was unhappy with this thread:[/COLOR]


    [COLOR=#333333]he sent messages to an adminstrator, none of which received an answer due to their content, on these dates (we may have forgotten some):[/COLOR]
    • [COLOR=#333333]21 September[/COLOR]
    • [COLOR=#333333]22 September[/COLOR]
    • [COLOR=#333333]30 September[/COLOR]
    • [COLOR=#333333]29 September[/COLOR]
    • [COLOR=#333333]7 October[/COLOR]
    • [COLOR=#333333]18 October[/COLOR]
    • [COLOR=#333333]10 November[/COLOR]
    • [COLOR=#333333]13 December[/COLOR]
    • [COLOR=#333333]14 December[/COLOR]
    • [COLOR=#333333]28 December[/COLOR]
    • [COLOR=#333333]8 January[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#333333]Even if the original reports were well founded, one would expect a rational person to give up and simply walk away from the forum, not to demand a response in 11 messages, which included accusations that the recipient suffers “Asian disease,” and operates a “dictatorship”. The final communication stated, “Be careful, your forum is being watched.” [/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#333333]All moderators read and assess reports, and do something if an immediate action is needed. Pip's complaints related to his misinterpretation of posts – different from what the author stated and different from the way other forum members understood the posts – was a drain on moderator time. We understand that honest misunderstandings are possible and we encourage healthy discussion, but occasionally a poster like pip is too easily inflamed by a simple misunderstanding, leading forum members into bickering and petty arguments. [/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#333333]Here are several recent threads that illustrate this phenomenon:[/COLOR][COLOR=#333333] (pip enters the conversation in post #7)[/COLOR]
    http://www.livinginindonesiaforum.or...-and-Americans[COLOR=#333333] (pip enters the conversation in post #6)[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#333333]Here’s a case where he backed off from saying the forum posters “don't seem to have understood their own comments made” [sic][/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#333333]Although misreading of other posters is not a bannable offense by itself (though it can certainly lead to infractable behavior, as in the case of the first example above), there is more to pip’s story. Pip’s participation in the forum was an experiment by the moderation team.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#333333]The team was aware from the day pip signed up that he was a sock and had been banned numerous times under various names, including but not limited to Kudagila, [/COLOR][COLOR=#333333]Davey, Trevbr, [/COLOR][COLOR=#333333]permai66, Leyton and JayJay. [/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#333333]Technically, the rules allowed us to ban pip as soon as he began posting under the pip handle. But given that this person has shown himself capable of making valuable contributions, we took a holistic approach, considering the positives as well as the negatives of his past time on the board. (We’ve taken a similar approach with other posters who accumulated a notable infraction history but also added value to the forum, though usually we’ve only delayed the inevitable.)[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#333333]Although there was no doubt about pip’s identity, we decided to let him try again, while we kept an eye on his posting behavior. Things went well for a while but he eventually displayed the same kind of behavior that had caused him to be banned under earlier handles. The banning of Pip therefore signals an end to this particular experiment.

    You are invited to discuss it with us and share your opinion by PM if you wish.[/COLOR]