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two icons at the bottom left hand corner of a post

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  • two icons at the bottom left hand corner of a post

    This forum stuff is all new to me, can someone explain what the two icons at the bottom left corner of the post are for? the star and triangle. What is the result of clicking on them?

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    The star is the "reputation" icon. By clicking on it, you can add or substract to the reputation of the user who submitted a post.

    More about the reputation system of the forum:

    To check your own "reputation", please click on "settings" in the upper right hand corner of your screen. Then locate the "Latest Reputation Received" window where is displayed the last 5 reputation comments you've received. You should see at the moment my name in it for a positive reputation I've left to one of your post recently. If other posters leave reputation, their name and comments will be added to the list.

    The small triangle is the "report" button. If you consider that a post infringe our Posting Guidelines, you can bring it to the attention of the moderators (to date, there are 7 users with moderator privileges who are john madden, mas rob, paman, ponyexpress, puspawarna, wm and me. List of admins & mods can be found here)

    Reporting a post does NOT mean that an action will be taken automatically. It is a way to alert moderators on what YOU think is a policy infraction. It will send an email to all moderators who will then discuss it in the moderation channel of the forum.

    An example of action triggered by a report can be seen here:
    http://www.livinginindonesiaforum.or...l=1#post369388. A report has been sent by several users and I've closed the thread waiting for my fellow moderators to discuss the "fate" of a rather contentious poster in our moderation channel.

    This moderation channel is viewable only by these user with moderation privileges. So far we have more than 8000 posts in it for the past 2 years or so. Moderators can decide that no action should be taken or that a warning or an infraction should be issued.

    If a more drastic decision is to be taken, one of us will draft a moderation notice and post it to the attention of the board in this "forum life" channel.
    An example here: http://www.livinginindonesiaforum.or...ban-Yarmolenko

    By all means I encourage poster to "report" post they feel uncomfortable with rather than entering in a spiral of flame. We insist that the forum remains a friendly place with users respecting the basic rules of courtesy they would stick to in the real life.
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      Thank you Atlantis,,,I see now on the laptop it has a label when the curser hits it. I was using an IPAD before and my club like finger did something but I had no idea what. one more question just for curiosities sake. Do all the posts of a banned poster get deleted?


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        Originally posted by yardmaster View Post
        Do all the posts of a banned poster get deleted?
        No. Not all of them. The most offensive one are removed or edited of their insulting/flaming/inappropriate content. Usually after a while, time for the board to understand why a user has been given the boot. As I hinted previously we also inform the board of our reasons when a severe infraction or a ban occur. We do so either in dedicate threads or directly after the incriminated post. Something tells me that the board is gonna soon having an example of it.

        Some posters manage to write thousands of posts without even receiving an infraction or a warning while others with a similar number of posts are good clients for the mods. If we would have to delete all their posts it would be a titanesque job and would impair the comprehension of threads for future readers.

        I reckon that sticking to the Posting Guidelines is not always easy and this is why we have a progressive infraction policy. I have been temporarily banned from the forum for having said too honestly all the good I was thinking of a poster. John Madden and Ponyexpress have also been at the wrong end of the stick (though Pony only got an infraction and not a ban so far - not a real Bad Boy ). Moderators are not above the rules and their posts can be reported as well as their decision may be appealed to the owner of this forum (wm).

        Challenging on the board a moderator warning or infraction is a no-no, as in many internet forums. If a user wants to shorten his/her forum life expectancy, this is a sure way to be freed of the burden of posting. We have a pretty efficient appeal system in my opinion, with cases of infractions given which have been reversed in the past.

        If a user reaches 21 infraction point in a 12 month period a permanent ban is automatically triggered by the software. The ban is enforced to any handle a banned user may create in the future. Many of them thought they would be able to slip unnoticed in the forum, after a permaban, by creating a new handle or using a proxy to mask their IP . Some have lasted a few minutes only.
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