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    Originally posted by indodario View Post
    I would think it depends on the settings given to our sweet "cookie". Must be one of those delicacies we have to swallow before it's too late.

    Well, if it really has to be that short-timed... I will remember to select all text and copy it into memory before posting the message, no big deal. The annoyance is logging in back again at every post.
    dario,whenever you log in (yes, every time), click the box under your username that says "Remember me". Hopefully you won't have the problem of being logged out anymore if you do this. I used to have the same issue, and it was definitely, absotively driving me nuts. I believe this was the advice that was given to me, and since I started doing it, I don't have that problem any longer.

    Don't ask me WHY that fixes the problem or why the problem exists in the first place. Maybe the mouse is eating the cookies, or Klingons are invading the motherboard. Peace, live long and prosper, M B.

    (edit) Ah, I see lantern's advisory is still there above ... this is where I got the tip. IF that doesn't fix your problem of losing your posts, try what martindo suggested. I don't seem to have the cookie problem anymore, but I used to. I still sometimes copy my longer posts, just in case. And yes, doing the "back button boogie" sometimes works. Remembering the "remember me" box is important.
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