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Temporary ban: Yarmolenko

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  • Temporary ban: Yarmolenko

    Recently (December 1st, 2013), the Moderation Team has issued a 7 days ban to user Yarmolenko following an abusive PM sent to a user, who reported it to us.

    The PM was... (please keep kids off the screen)... :

    Originally posted by Yarmolenko
    [COLOR=#000000][FONT=Helvetica]Is itfor u mthfckr so hard to reply or u think that im some fckng gay who trying to seduce u?[/FONT][/COLOR]
    Please remember that we will NOT allow any form of abuse on the board, by PMs or via the reputation system. If reported to us, it will be swiftly dealt with.

    Yarmolenko's access to the forum will be resumed on December 8th, 2013. We strongly hope that he will have used some of his 7 days rest to peruse our Posting Guidelines.
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    The sanction concerning Yarmolenko has been upgraded to a permanent ban.

    Immediately after being back from his initial temporary ban, Yarmolenko has again sent an abusive PM to the same user. The PM was reading:

    Originally posted by Yarmolenko

    Omg crying to moderators after receiveng my message. Thats impressing beach, I thought that u r a man but i see that u r just a peace of sheet. No offense.
    U r like tyson gey but without first name.

    Talk u later friend/[COLOR=#000000][FONT=HelveticaNeue]
    Though the moderation team has appreciated the creativity effort in matter of spelling of a few words, this kind of behavior can not be tolerated in our forum. The permanent ban will be enforced to any handle Yarmolenko may create in the future.[COLOR=#000000][FONT=HelveticaNeue][/FONT][/COLOR]