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Back to inactiveness it is...

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  • Back to inactiveness it is...

    This post has twin purposes; consider it a protest, and a way to inform those who I have regular contact with that emails and text are now the preferred ways of getting hold of me.

    Atlantis, your response to the "mods will not be publically challenged even for transparency" sits very wrong with me, but as usual you will not think, and will make some petty comment instead. I respect you for your knowledge of Indonesian law, but as a forum moderator, in the past few years you've grown very arrogant, to the point I think you shouldn't be in a moderator position anymore.

    Just to head you off at the pass:

    - No, I won't start my own forum. Yes, I'm perfectly capable of doing so and taking half this place with me.
    - Yes, I have my own blog. No, it's not interesting for anyone here.
    - Yes, you'll probably infract me. No, I don't particularly care.
    - Steady growth? If you're looking at the number of registered users, but of course. That number never goes down; active regular posters on the other hand? 40 perhaps? No, there is no growth. There is just people that show up, register, make one post, and make for the hills afterwards.

    That being said, perhaps I'll pop in from time to time but don't be counting on it
    bassist, perl ninja, random stranger

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    I've moved your post in the "forum life" channel, MadCat.
    And no, the moderators won't infract you. I don't particularly care about your opinion about me. However, I suggest you to contact the owner of the forum to share your opinion about me as a moderator with her.