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Temporary ban: Davita

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  • Temporary ban: Davita

    [COLOR=#333333]Davita has received a temporary ban, because he continues to question moderator decisions publicly.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#333333]Some background: Davita posted a "joke" that has a long and undistinguished pedigree as racist. The "joke was as follow:

    Originally posted by davita
    [COLOR=#333333]Blue pills?.....OK[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#333333]Then I presume the OP is not referring to the latest report I read that the British Government are putting a 40% tax on Aspirin.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#333333]I heard they are doing that because it is white....and it works![/COLOR]
    The joke was posted in August 2012 in this thread (post undeleted for a 48 hours period) and has been infracted. He and the moderators subsequently engaged in extensive correspondence, during which Davita had ample opportunity to appeal the infraction and present his case. All moderators including wm were involved in these discussions. The infraction was confirmed.

    The message sent to him to confirm the infraction was as follow:

    Originally posted by atlantis

    [COLOR=#333333]The fact that someone sent you this "british" "joke" and you find it amusing doesn't mitigate the fact that it condones an underlying racist opinion (saying that whites works and are taxed, implying that non whites are not working). [/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#333333]Also, I am not sure that "As I am British it seems ridiculous that anyone could believe it was intended as racist" is an argument that makes sense. Unfortunately, racism exists everywhere, including in the UK. The joke you peddled could definitely be peddled by the BNP... I am not sure that we can class them as progressives and non-racists.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#333333]For your information, the "joke" you pasted on the board was first uttered by Mike Green, a Republican activist and political consultant in... South Carolina. It was in June 2009 and was targetting Obama. He said on his twitter account:[/COLOR]


    [COLOR=#333333]He quickly deleted it, but many bloggers made a capture screen of it and it has been widely discussed on the Internet. Though at first Mike Green denied he tweeted such racist comment, he finally admitted that he did tweet it and apologized for it. He said:[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#333333]“I realize that my comments were hurtful, wrong and have no place in civil discourse.”[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#333333]Mike Green's apology was gracious, and I would have appreciated it if you could also realize that what you call "a joke" was out of line and has no place in our forum.[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#333333]In consequence, we, moderators of this forum, confirm the infraction.[/COLOR]
    Davita continued to refer multiple times to the infraction on the board posting what we consider as baits. He was warned very specifically that any further instance would result in a temporary ban. The last warning was sent by Ponyexpress on December 2012:

    Originally posted by ponyexpress

    With reference to your post in the thread started by travellingchez: The forum owner fully supports the infraction you received. As always, you are welcome to confirm this independently by contacting [email protected].

    Just a quick review of the facts:
    + Multiple reports were received about the joke you posted, from people who found it offensive.
    + We provided you with independent evidence that the joke's origins are widely known to be racist.
    + It's been well over three months since the infraction was issued.
    + The infraction has no practical impact on your ability to participate in this forum.
    + We have overlooked on numerous occasions your references in the open forum to how unfairly you think you were treated, even though a public challenge of moderator decisions is technically a breach of forum guidelines and in and of itself could be infracted.

    We are fully aware that you don't think the joke was racist. The fact remains that to the world at large, the joke comes across as very offensive. You cannot change this, and denying it makes it no less true. It's worrisome that something as minor as a message board infraction still bothers you so much after so long. Don't you think it's time to move on?

    Even if you want to keep beating this dead horse, we don't. We will no longer overlook your references to how unfairly you believe you've been moderated. If you make any further remarks in the open forum about the joke or the infraction, you will receive another infraction. Consider this your last warning.


    He has ignored this warning, baiting again the moderators and we feel we have no choice but to follow through on our warning. Davita can be a very positive contributor to the forum and is often lots of fun. I have met him personally and have kept a very good impression of him. We certainly don't want to lose him as a member. BUT moderators have a task to perform and limited time to devote to it. As you are all aware, we are volunteering and are not expected to engage in unlimited debate over particular actions that we take.

    The length of the temporary ban will be discussed among moderators. We are looking at a 7 to 15 days period, hoping that it will give time for Davita to chill and to understand that we take baiting attitudes very seriously.