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Permanent ban: Mer2012 and Asi B.

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  • Permanent ban: Mer2012 and Asi B.

    Two users have been recently permanently banned from the forum:

    She has sent today a PM to a user who reported it to us. The content of the PM was in Bahasa Indonesia and was "Dasar kau keong racun". Beside being the lyrics of a famous dangdut song (See Lissa), it is an insult when said out of the context of the song. Basically it means "you're like a poisonous snail" for those who won't get it.
    Enough to ensure a permanent ban, especially considering the fact that Mer2012 has been warned in multiple occasion by moderators concerning our policy and has already been banned temporarily once.

    Asi B.
    Asi B is a multi banned user who has been posting here under multiple handle such as Black Adder, Consultant, Eurodude, The White Devil, Morry for maylasia, ernie @ the bernie, Karl Hienz, Jimmy Dean...etc. I must have forgotten a few handles he's been using to try to sneak in. His history of postings and behaviour in this forum has convinced the admins and mods of the forum that he was not welcome in our community. Thus, I enforce the permanent ban each time that he tries to come back.
    This time he has chosen to impersonate the moderator of a forum he's been banned from and steal his identity. Not a smart idea since I communicate with most of the forum mods he's been banned from. This name would have hardly be missed by us. Maybe that next time he may try to log with a name such as Danielle Surkatty or Olivier Rula to avoid moderators' attention.
    It never ceases to amaze me to find out that some people don't realise how ludicrous their behaviour is.

    If any user wants to have more information concerning these permanent bans, please feel free to contact any moderator by PM.

    Another returning banned user has registered a few days ago. He's been banned multiple times with the following handles: Kuda Gila, Davey, Trevbr, Permai66 and John55. He will soon be "certified" and added to the list.
    @Eifion: The decision to ban YOU permanently, as an individual has been taken almost 4 years ago. We will enforce it, whatever handle, IP, city or country you post from. You've moved from Banten and change IP, that's fine. It doesn't mean you've changed your personality and writing style. I could not miss it. It doesn't require much sleuthing skills. Give up, you are wasting your time. Being a reader only is the only alternative offered to you.
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