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    With all due respect to the mods, I for one, dont think that the question raised by Vivian in that thread is off topic. It is still on the topic of whats been discussed. Its relevant and worth to talk about. I didnt know the answer and started to find out from an Islamic scholar that I know about the matter. I got the answer already, but seeing that the question is stamped as off topic, I retreated to post.

    I would say, whoever said the question is strayed and supposedly arranged in X format of question just being too much. People have their own way to ask question, dont they ? Did we also read something about Olga in that thread ? Was there any mention of “Olga related to Islam” in that talk ? I doubt it. But was it still in the relevant topic, I would say yes. He is effeminate and God knows whether he is a gay or not.

    House keeping or organizing things is necessary indeed. No one will argue with that, but saying an exactly on topic and interesting question as off topic is not a matter of house keeping or keeping the forum's goal to what it meant to be.
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      Here is the Mod Note :
      [COLOR=#333333]Moderator note: Explain why the last three posts are relevant to the OP or see them deleted.[/COLOR]
      I think the Mods has got the explanation from the latter posts and the posts aren't deleted.


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        Originally posted by Vivian Handstrong View Post
        So darling, are you intending to say that my post in the thread was irrelevant?
        My post intends to say that:
        - I understand, agree and support John madden's moderation of the posts you refer, both your posts and the posts of other posters who were replying to you.
        - Moderation is conducted with the aim of the forum in mind and that if discussion about religion are divisive for the forum and scare away potential contributors to the aim of the forum, we will reduce their importance in the overall number of threads.

        Also, I do not discuss on the board a specific moderation conducted by a moderator.

        The intend of my new post now is to remind you a point of policy. The moderators/administrators have the last word in any dispute and are responsible for interpreting the Posting Guidelines for cases not fully covered by them. If a member feels they have been unfairly denied service or has received unfair moderation, an appeal may be sent by email to [email protected] or to PM any moderator of his/her choice. Each appeal will be reviewed by the all the moderators/administrators for any further decisions on the suspension or moderation.

        If you believe that your post(s) should not have been moderated, please follow the procedure to appeal it.
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