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Permanent ban: roysingh & justmen - sock puppeting

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  • Permanent ban: roysingh & justmen - sock puppeting

    Though his permaban may not come as a surprise for a few, the reason of his permaban needs to be clarified.

    As per our Posting Guidelines, sock puppeting is not acceptable. However, in a specific circumstance a member can ask a permission from moderators to create a new handle. If the permission is granted, then the old handle should not be used at all.

    In the case of Roysingh I conducted an IP check on a user I was suspicious about: justmen. Though the nic has been created some time ago it was active only at certain period and his writing style was giving me a feeling of déja vu.

    I checked Justmen's IP earlier today and discovered that his 3 unique IPs (on different providers) are matching with those of roysingh and those of his wife, who is also a registered user.

    Justmen has been active while roysingh was banned but also concurrently to the period roysingh's nic wasn't banned. Amazingly, while checking a bit more, I found out that the date of birth registered for both handles, roysingh and justmen were identical. We don't remember roy having tell us that he has a twin brother or sister living in the same house than him and his wife. It makes no doubt that Roysingh and Justmen are only one person, which is contrary and explicitely forbidden by our policy and an unacceptable way to decieve forum users.

    Therefore, both nics will have their priviledges cancelled and an IP ban concerning all IPs used will follow.

    Moderators Team.
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