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Permanent ban: gary geygo - Sexual Harassment

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  • Permanent ban: gary geygo - Sexual Harassment

    In early november, following a reported PM from a female user who received an unsollicited PM which was including an innuendo leading her to think that it was constitutive of sexual harassment, we have warned gary geygo not to send any unsollicited PM to any user.

    Our warning was as follow:

    [COLOR=#333333]Gary, [/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#333333]We received a report submitted by a member regarding your private message. Although your offence can only be considered as unsolicited PM, the content had the receiver under the impression of being sexually harassed. Do bear in mind that sexual harassment is a serious breach of our [/COLOR]posting guidelines[COLOR=#333333]. This is your first warning. You owe the offended an apology. Failure to follow our posting guidelines will result in receiving infractions. Repeated offences will lead to banning. [/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#333333]Mod team
    Following a new PM report made a few days ago for the same reason, I have issued a 1 month temporary ban to Gary Geygo. At the end of the period of 1 month, any breach of our posting guidelines for any reason would trigger a permanent ban of both his log and any IP used.[/COLOR]
    Last edited by atlantis; 19-01-12, 17:59. Reason: Modifying the tille: Temporary ban became a permanent one.

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    Interestingly, I've just received a PM from another female user claiming to have received unsollicited and insisting propositions from Gary Geygo by PM. Quite nasty, IMHO.
    Therefore, the temporary ban is upgraded in a permanent one.

    If any other female user has been bothered, feel free to share it with us. Sexual harassment can't take place here.


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      Jeezz... Another story by PM involving Gary Geygo!
      Keep it coming gals.
      If we have some other weirdos in the database, please contact me with pieces of evidence as it has been done for Gary Geygo. Thanks and again sorry if you have been the victim of this kind of behaviour.