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  • Expat salary in Indonesia

    Hi All,
    My first post....wanted to check what all is generally included in an expat package.

    1) Housing allowance
    2) Car (with driver).....
    3) Insurance

    Please add in...from your experience.....

    thanks for your help...


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    elements to consider

    Housing allowance
    Shipping to and from
    Electricity Allowance
    Work Permit
    Annual or End of Contract Bonus


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      The "normal" package varies a lot by employer. Some other typical benefits that many (not all) employers will provide:

      - home leave
      - school fees for children (sometimes including the cost of taking the school bus, which can be an extremely high additional charge)
      - medivac insurance (which may be distinct from the regular health insurance, or provided by the overall health insurer)
      - tax equalization (see this link especially second-to-last paragraph for an explanation of what that means for Americans)
      - language lessons
      - a "look see" trip before moving, for the employee and family members
      - "moving expenses" may include not just the cost of shipping, but also funds for staying in a hotel/eating out at the beginning and the end of the post
      - hardship allowance or danger pay (seems silly to me with respect to Indonesia, but there it is; some employers can be convinced to pay a premium of 10 or 20 percent because terrorists are lurking around every corner and we can't buy the same brand of cornflakes we'd get at home)
      - furniture allowance (if there is no moving allowance and the employee is expected to set up household by buying stuff after arriving)


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        It depends on the type of work you're looking for... For professionals, the benefits that Puspawarna is citing are spot-on. For teachers, it's a bit less generous. Compensation will depend on the type of school you're at, with language mills paying and offering the least. My example is for proper nat-plus or international schools.

        My package (which is fairly standard) includes:
        Fully-sponsored KITAS with multi-entry permit.
        Complimentary unshared housing in the house or apartment of my choice. (Basically, we chose it, they paid for it.)
        A monthly salary. (Depending on the school, you're looking at a minimum of 12 juta and upwards of 40 juta a month.)
        Hospitalization insurance. (It covers inpatient but not outpatient-- don't worry, though, outpatient services are really affordable. You really only need insurance for the inpatient portion anyways.)
        A transportation allowance (to pay for car and driver) and/or taxi vouchers-- my choice.
        Breakfast, snack, and lunch at the school for free on the days that I work.
        A five-day, forty-hour work week and a ton of paid-time-off.
        Tuition discount for any children/dependents.
        End-of-contract bonus. Pretty standard to be the equivalent to one-month's salary. Some schools offer flight reimbursement instead of a bonus, but a bonus is the much better benefit-- more money.

        I pay for my own maid, household utilities, etc... but someone at the school is assigned to help organize all of those things for me.


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          Smash there is no standard expat package in Indonesia. More and more companies are replacing expats with local talent and therefore non Indonesians who have made Indonesian their home are becoming a lot more flexible with their demands. If you like the job, the company and its a fair offer then accept the position. I wouldn't be to greedy as when times are tough you will be the first person let go because you too expensive.


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            i dont get any of those but good luck if you can get it


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              In my experience the benefits may vary depending on single or family status.
              As single status, my allowance for housing and travel is less, and i dont get any of the added benefits related to my dependents.
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                what are you doing here, working for what type of company, national, regional , global,
                As a proffesional I get most of the things mentioned and a few others besides.
                Where salary is paid locally, offshore, mixed also afffects pay.
                too many variables in your question for any kind of card answer
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