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Foreign Freelancer work in jakarta

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  • Foreign Freelancer work in jakarta

    hello everyone, im new to this forum.... i just wondering is there anyone who doing a freelance work in jakarta either as a graphic designer, IT & Tech field, or others..

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    Be informed that it is illegal for a foreigner to do freelancer work in Indonesia .

    The Indonesian Work Law only allows a foreigner to work when hired by an Indonesia based company that will sponsor the foreigner for a Work Permit & Work Visa/Work KITAS . And only foreigners with at least 5 years work experience are eligible . Non compliance with these requirements is considered a crime (up to 5 years in jail + fine of up to Rp500 million) .


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      But it is not illegal for Indonesian residents, isn't it?


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        Originally posted by angelicajames View Post
        But it is not illegal for Indonesian residents, isn't it?

        The exceptions are only for :
        - foreigners holding KITAS (or KITAP) sponsored by the Indonesian spouse ,
        - foreigners holding ex-Indonesian KITAP , and
        - young Australians holding Indonesian Work & Holiday Visa

        For the majority of foreigners residing in Indonesia it is illegal to do freelancer work (including foreigners holding Work Visa/ Work KITAS/Work KITAP) .