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  • Photosharing website?

    Hello all,

    Just curious if anybody here has any personal experience using photo sharing websites like icanstockphotos, or Shutterstock, etc.

    I know I ain't got much in terms of of past/current photos (and i can see in the photography threads, there are many great photographers here).

    Basically, I'm just trying to just put my photos somewhere while earning some honest bucks (or cents...). A few measly bucks is better than nothing anyway since now most of my photos sit in my external/SD drives...

    Thanks in advance!

    giup viec - gi?p việc - giup viec nha - gi?p việc nh? cho người nước ngo?i tại tphcm

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    you can post photos there ... but sometimes they like to reviewing all your photos and make a selection for approval before they sell it to anyone. im suggest you can try more simpler platform like pexels, freepik, pixabay.. all of them are free to contribute but if you specify some photos can be paid also.


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      The fantastic image hosting websites that can help you add and share photos:
      Google Photos. Google Photos is one of the satisfactory photograph hosting offerings for importing amazing pictures in massive quantities. ...
      Imgur. ...
      Dropbox. ...
      TinyPic. ...
      Use. ...
      Flickr. ...
      500px. ...