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Forum Was Not Accessible For Around 10 Days

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  • Forum Was Not Accessible For Around 10 Days

    Why ?

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    Scouser59 , the Administrator is probably busy , so I will copy/paste here what she told me :

    - The Forum was out starting last 25 Sept , on 30 Sept the Forum returned ok :
    It took several attempts for Sucuri to get all the malware off ... but the site is back online now!"

    - On the same day it returned ok (30 Sept) the Forum got another problem .
    Well, the latest malware attack deleted the index.php files on the site ... which display the homepage and the main page of the admin control panel.
    We're asking the hosting company for a backup copy .. or we'll have to reinstall vBulletin files"

    The malware deleted a number of key files, so we're discovering those one by one and restoring them.
    My programmer was off for a week due to surgery so that's delayed us further ... Hopefully back online soon "

    - The Forum returned ok on 06(?) Okt . I informed the Administrator about missing data .
    I'm not sure that we'll be able to restore everything , that's far beyond our budgetary possibilities"
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      cheers marcus


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        The website is still behaving strangely ,maybe still malware around


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          Probably , but at least we can do the essential things (write/read posts) .