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Heavy Penalties for Academic Researchers ?

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  • Heavy Penalties for Academic Researchers ?

    Academic Researchers who entered a state with wrong visas, will be charged with a heavily increased fine. This is the result of the Indonesian government reworking its legal framework for researchers as part of an overall revision of criminal penalties.

    The Australian Financial Review spoke to Kevin Evans, Indonesia Director of the Australia-Indonesia Centre, related to his concerns for the research community inside and outside of Indonesia. He said that the potential application of its criminal articles, especially where there remains some uncertainty around what is, in fact, covered by a research visa, or how and when they need to be obtained, adds a degree of risk for foreign researchers seeking to engage with potential Indonesian counterparts.

    This year, two ANU (Australia National University) academics were refused to entry Indonesia because they entered with tourist visas. Previously, a fine of Rp48million (AU$5000) was imposed for academic researchers with wrong visas. If someone is now caught, they will be liable for an AU$400,000 fine and also a risk of jail time.

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    From , 16 July 2019

    [The House of Representatives passed into law on Tuesday the national system of science and technology bill ...

    According to the law .. any foreigner who conducts research without a valid permit could face a fine of Rp 4 billion [US$287,418] and be banned from applying for a permit for five years.

    If the researcher causes damage to invaluable objects or harms or causes the death of people involved in the research, they would be subject to criminal charges carrying a prison term of between two and seven years and a fine of between Rp 3 billion and Rp 7 billion.

    The law also states that anyone conducting high-risk or dangerous research must obtain a permit from the government or else they could be subject to a one-year jail term and a fine of Rp 2 billion.

    The law also imposes criminal charges on foreign researchers who steal biodiversity samples with a prison term of two years and a fine of Rp 2 billion.

    The Indonesian Sciences Academy (AIPI) said the Law could threaten academic freedom and called it counterproductive to encouraging research collaboration... ]
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