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Singaporean want to Migrate to indonesia

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  • Singaporean want to Migrate to indonesia

    Hi! Anyone knows or the process to migrate or live in Indonesia?
    Thank you.

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    Investor ,1 billion rupiah to set up a pma ,marraige ,work visa , pension visa .


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      Besides the 1 billion rupiah, any other ways? I don?t think i have such large amount of money unless I have a business


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        I gave you the options for long term stay in indonesia . a pma is a foriegn owned company, ie a busness, I would suggest you research all the options here on this forum ,then you can see if this country is still interesting for you .


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          What most of foreigners do to live in Indonesia is to get a visa/stay permit . Few foreigners get Indonesian citizenship .

          - Getting Indonesian Visa for short time is easy , visa for 1 year (extendable) is more difficult .
          - Getting an Indonesian citizenship is even more difficult , first you need to live at least 5 years in Indonesia , usually more .

          What do you plan to do in Indonesia : work , retire , start a business , ... ?
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            I plan to retire and open business in indonesia.. once after 5 yrs staying there, then i would want to get the citizenship there.
            How can i can get long term permit to stay there?

            Thank you.


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              If your over 55 you can get a retiremnt kitas 1 year stay visa renewable , check the many threads about this possibility ,with costs and documentation .


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                Originally posted by hanihan92 View Post
                I plan to retire and open business ...

                So to start living in Indonesia there are 2 possible options for 1 (or 2) year(s) Visa/Stay Permit :
                - One year Retirement Visa/Stay Permit (e-ITAS/KITAS) , if you are 55 or older , as Tell22 said above (but you cannot work) ;
                - Two years Investor Visa/Stay Permit (e-ITAS/KITAS) , if you invest at least Rp1 billion in a PT PMA Indonesian business (as Tell22 said in post no.2 above) and don't intend to work full time in your business .