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Jakarta's deaths and sickness rate increases.

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  • Jakarta's deaths and sickness rate increases.

    Ahmad Safruddin, the executive director of the leaded fuel eradication committee - as known as KPBB has explained that the poor air quality in Jakarta has increasing the death and sickness rate. He then stated that in 2016, 58.3% of over 10 million Jakarta population fall ill or more tragically, die because of the air pollution.

    The International Council on clean Transportation also stated that in their 2017?s record, the harmful pollution in Jakarta are from households, industries, and vehicles. Those sources, has responsible for 2.9 million cases of early death. The poor air quality triggers heart disease, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD), lung cancer, lower respiratory tract infection (LRTI), and some types of diabetes mellitus.

    Few weeks ago, Jakarta has topped the list of the most polluted city. Today, Jakarta is 6th on the list of the most polluted city. The sources of the air pollution are transportation at 46%, followed by industry at 28%, domestics at 17%, and construction project at 1%.