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BJ Habibie, has passed away.

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  • BJ Habibie, has passed away.

    Indonesia has lost its greatest mind, BJ Habibie - known as a scientist and father of technology as well as Indonesia's 3rd president. BJ Habibie took his last breath at the age of 83 years because of organ failure. During his intensive care since 1st September 2019, BJ Habibie was handled by a team of 34 specialist doctors in heart, internal medicine, and kidney issues as well as by 10 army doctors.

    BJ Habibie has served his love for his country, Indonesia, through his intelligences. BJ Habibie's intelligence was proven from a formula called "The Habibie Factor", which calculates crack progression until the atomic scale of the aircraft construction material.

    BJ Habibie's body will be brought home to his residence in Patra Kuningan, Jakarta. Later he will be laid to rest beside his late wife, Hasri Ainun Besari - who had passed away in Germany in 2010 at Kalibata Heroes Cemetery. BJ Habibie also highly respected for his true love to his beautiful wife, Ainun. And it was categorized as a symbol of love in Indonesia. Their love story was beautifully portrayed through the film "Habibie dan Ainun" in 2012.

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    His greatest contribution to the wellbeing of Indonesia was the role he played to end the New Order's authoritarianism regime.


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      I love HiM no one can REPLACE him, even when HE died. HE'S still donated HE'S eye for HE'S son....Dayemmm...