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Dual Citizen for Indonesians In The Future.

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  • Dual Citizen for Indonesians In The Future.

    As far as we know, Indonesia only allows dual citizenship for children below the age of 18. After their 18th birthday, it is a must for them to choose one nationality.

    And so, on Indonesia Diaspora Network Conference in August 12, 2019, this issue was raised. An expert from the Ministry's Social, Culture, and Empowerment of Indonesians Abroad division, Dewi Savitri Wahab gave an opinion that the government must honour the Indonesian diaspora's request for dual citizenship - so they can obtain legal certainty.

    Dewi then said that the diaspora should able to give a clear, reasonable arguments about this dual citizenship to convince the lawmakers about this issue.

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    Hmmm, this is strange because I know a guy from Indonesia who once bought property in Athens and with time got citizenship of Greece so now he has 2 passports. He just didn't notify the Indonesian government of this. He said that he lost his passport and made a new one.


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      Originally posted by Razzoney View Post
      ... I know a guy from Indonesia who ... got citizenship of Greece so now he has 2 passports. He just didn't notify the Indonesian government of this ...

      It is an illegal situation according to the Indonesian Laws .
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        Elmi Mufidah

        I don't think dual citizenship is ever going to happen and if it ever does, it won't be in our lifetime.

        Speaking as some from the Diaspora community, it's been a great effort by the stakeholders throughout the years but it will be one of those movements that's all hype but no real work done from within. I was a delegate representing my university at the First Indonesian Diaspora Congress in Los Angeles many years ago and this dual citizenship topic was the hot ticket of the event. At the time, I was for dual citizenship status and hearing that members of Indonesia's Congress including the Vice Head of Indonesia's DPR was in attendance sounded a concerted gesture by the government. What I took from that discussion and private discussions with other folks in later occasions in the US and Indonesia point to empty talk. I don't think the Establishment will allow it even if one Ministry is pushing for it. When I was a speaker at one of the Diaspora Congress in Jakarta, I gave it a shot to be optimistic but came to realize that the topics discussed hardly materialized to solid programs or legislations. Sorry for being jaded by this topic.

        At this point, just give the opportunity for folks to have decent facilities to live normal life is all that matters. I also think expats who married a local should have the same opportunities. After all, there is vested interests versus someone who is here for a quick minute and leave. I could be wrong though.


        I've heard of folks who did this dual passport game. It doesn't sound easy. It ain't legal, but that doesn't mean people aren't doing it.