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President Jokowi criticized PLN.

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  • President Jokowi criticized PLN.

    The president questioned why PLN did not work fast while the massive blackout attacks Jakarta on Sunday, 4 august 2019. He added that the blackout also occurred in Java and Bali 17 years ago - it should have been a lesson on how to prevent a recurrence of this type of incident.

    Sripeni Inten, PLN's president director who has just served 3 days as the director said she's sorry that the process was slow, she admit it. She then explains that they need to be extra careful during times of emergency. Everything was down, so they need to turn it back on one by one extra carefully and with caution.

    The massive blackout on Sunday has damaged PLN's reputation. It also affected millions of people in Java and Bali islands - disrupting mobile networks, cash machine, and transportation systems.

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    Unfortunately , the lesser known parts of Indonesia suffer unreliable power voltage and blackouts currently, without general publicity, in Ntt kalimantan papua etc
    .Eastern Indonesia, where power grids are small, isolated, and less reliable, represents the biggest challenge to Indonesia?s ultimate goal of universal and sustainable access. In 2018, only 88% of residents in Gorontalo, 84% in Central Kalimantan, and 62% in Nusa Tenggara Timur, for example, have access to electricity, compared with more than 90% in Java and Bali.