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Thanks to Jakarta?s blackout on Sunday.

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  • Thanks to Jakarta?s blackout on Sunday.

    The air quality forecaster, Air Visual has just reported that the city's air quality level dropped to below 100 on Monday morning. This condition has successfully put the capital, which ranks #1 of the world's most polluted city last week - now in 19th place.

    Air Visual recorded the city's air quality gets much better on Monday. Rawamangun in East Jakarta was appointed as the most polluted area with 165, 83.2 ?g/m? (?g/m? = microgram per cubic meter, the concentration of an air pollutant). Followed by Kemayoran, Central Jakarta at 156 with a 65?g/m?, and Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) also in Central Jakarta with 59?g/m?. 

    Based on the US Air Quality Index (AQI), the city's air quality now in 79 with a 25.5?g/m?. This situation successfully made the vibes in Jakarta on Monday more refreshing, according to pedestrian and motorcycle users.