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Blackout attacks millions of Indonesians.

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  • Blackout attacks millions of Indonesians.

    On Sunday, August 4, 2019, Jakarta and its surroundings, such as Depok, Bogor, Tangerang, and areas of West Java experienced blackouts that was happening since Sunday morning until evening to night, some of the areas still experienced blackout until Monday.

    The blackouts causes all commuter line trains to stop, the passengers was force to go out of the train and walked to the nearest station. The blackout also causes disturbance in mobile phone services and cash machines. It affected many workers, and office such as Gojek, minimart, and TV Stations generating so many loss in profit. Not only economy, but traffic also halted due to the traffic lights failing all around the blackout areas.

    PLN explained that the blackout was caused by a gas turbine at a major power plant which went down and a disruption at another facility. The huge loss that PLN has to endure up until this article is written, tremendous negative public opinion which causes numerous backlash, and a total of IDR 90 billion.