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Which Food Packaging to Use for Bakery?

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  • Which Food Packaging to Use for Bakery?

    Who has never gone to buy bread in a bakery? It's part of the tradition! You can find all kinds of bread in a bakery but also cakes and pastries or sandwiches. There are specific packages for each of them.

    1 / Packaging for the bakery
    The bakery includes all breads and pastries such as croissants and pain au chocolat. All that can be eaten at breakfast in short!

    Bread bags
    There is a multitude of different breads in terms of composition (white bread, cereal bread, etc.) or in terms of shape (rectangular, round, etc.). That's why we offer bread bags of different shapes and sizes :

    a bag for bastard bread of 250 g
    a bag for 500 g bread
    a bag of bread of 850 g
    a bag for round loaf
    a baguette baguette unit
    a grouping bag for 25 baguettes
    Most of his models are made from strong bleached kraft paper and are decorated with designs of wheat ears and / or bread.

    Croissants bags
    Gourmands know it: nothing beats a croissant or a chocolate cake to start well in the morning! To carry them, there is nothing better than the kraft paper crocheting bag because it is resistant to tearing and grease . Our range of croissant bags has several models that can carry 2 to 16 croissants, pain au chocolat or any other pastries!

    2 / Packaging for pastry
    Generally, a bakery offers pastry: pies or whole cakes or individually. It is therefore necessary to have two different types of packaging for these two situations.

    The pastry box
    The pastry box is the ideal packaging for carrying cakes and pies because it is made of cardboard thick enough to withstand shocks and mild blows and thus protect its contents. Do not drop the box or there will not be much left of your cake or pie! Our range of pastry boxes is very wide to offer you the dimensions that correspond to the cakes you sell: the smallest box measures 16 x 16 x 5 cm and the largest measures 28 x 28 x 8 cm.

    The slotted square
    The grooved square is a square cardboard support with foldable edges . It is used to place a piece of cake or pie, an individual pastry (for example a flash of chocolate), a pancake or a waffle. The folding edges make it easy to hold the pastry when you eat it. Our range includes several sizes of slotted squares to fit the dimensions of the pastries you sell: the smallest model is 13 x 13 cm while the largest is 23 x 23 cm.

    3 / Packaging for sandwich shop
    A bakery can also add a complementary activity: sandwich shop. It consists of offering at midday sandwiches, drinks and desserts. The bakery already has many ingredients for this formula: chopsticks that will be used to make sandwiches and desserts in the form of pastries (chocolate bread, croissant, etc.) or pastry (chocolate ?clair, etc.).

    The sandwich bag
    To carry the sandwich, we have selected for you the best sandwich bags. Rectangular in shape, they are usually made of tear-resistant and grease-resistant paper . They allow you to eat the sandwich without getting your hands dirty and without getting stained because crumbs and pieces of salad fall into the bag. Our models are more or less long and wide and can have a transparent window showing the contents of the sandwich.

    Note: Dessert is often a pastry or pastry, the appropriate packaging correspond to what has been described above.

    Finally, whatever the activity of your bakery, do not forget to offer kraft bags to your customers so that they can carry easily their purchase, all without polluting the planet!