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What type of gift for Indonesian customers

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  • marcus
    I am in Indonesia already 20 years but don't know much about it . From the little I have observed , I guess the most common gift is money inside an envelope . During the Muslim's Holy Month , nice packages of biscuits and other non-perishable food seem also common . At Idul Fitri , money and clothes .

    In relation to business , I have seem many people using clothes and accessories with companies' name (for example , impermeable type of jackets and helms , as most Indonesians have motorcycles) .

    For more ideas , search the internet for something like : ide hadiah/kado terbaik . And translate at Google Translate , if necessary . (Indonesian Culture)
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  • paulmuller
    started a topic What type of gift for Indonesian customers

    What type of gift for Indonesian customers

    I work for a Swiss company with customers in Jakarta. We would like to send them a surprise gift to thank for a good partnership.

    We were thinking about the famous Swiss army knifes. However, not being very familiar with the local culture, custom and etiquette we're uncertain if this would really be a good idea. I read a few articles, among others, that explicitly state to avoid using knifes as gifts. Whether that includes pocket knifes I don't know.

    I would be happy to get feedback from people familiar with Indonesian gift-giving etiquette. Thank you so much.