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Have you made a Will ? you need to ?..

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  • Have you made a Will ? you need to ?..

    It is a sobering thought i do agree, but hey come on ..

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    Originally posted by Neil Reece View Post
    (1) Have you made a Will ?

    (2) you need to ? ...

    (1) Yes .

    (2) I didn't need to , but why not if it will help others .


    [Top Ten Reasons to Have a Will
    1) You decide how your estate will be distributed.
    2) You decide who will take care of your minor children.
    3) To avoid a lengthy probate process.
    4) Minimize estate taxes.
    5) You decide who will wind up the affairs of your estate.
    6) You can disinherit individuals who would otherwise stand to inherit.
    7) Make gifts and donations.
    8) Avoid greater legal challenges.
    9) Because you can change your mind if your life circumstances change.
    10) Because tomorrow is not promised.


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      The better option, in the USA, anyway, is to create a living revocable trust which works to avoid, altogether, probate with its attendant, costs, complexity, and agonizing slow march to an uncertain conclusion.


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        Sure ..thanks i went to did it online, free updates and fully insured