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how to make friends in Indonesia

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    Originally posted by MyNameIsPants View Post
    Thanks guys for your answers !
    The girl who asked me perfums is not the same one who told me she don't have money for food ...
    The first one just found a nice job well payed (i mean for Indonesia lol) i just called her like usualy and in the conversation her sister ask for a french perfum ... so my friend
    ask for it too ... so i told them to send my the brand of perfume i will bring 2 perfums for them.
    The second one told me she has a bad pay but it's ok for her because she like her job (take care of the garden in a small hotel) she told me her earning are less than 2 millions
    monthly ... and she told me these last days she can't buy food and cigarets because her earning too small ... so i told her i will help as i can send money to her bank account
    and she told me i was amazing and all ... I was about to send her a bigger amount but i thinked and i will send her like 500000 roupia and after i will give her good way to make money online
    to make money by herself

    My mum who travel a lot told me : don't talk about money never. Friendship is not about money. I guess is a good advice.
    But she didn't ask you for money, right? She just shared her story with you...
    or did she ask you to give her money? If she did, then you have to be careful, but if she didn't ask you, then it's possibly she just wanted to tell you her condition. Indonesian people like to share their problem to a friend.


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      Hi...☺ U can be my friend. PM please...😊


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        If you want to be properly friends with someone, do not offer money and do not accept money. That is just common courtesy between friends. Yes, you can take turns paying for the bill when you eat outside, but if you find that you're the one who pays each time, I'd say that's not real friendship. Also I think it's quite rude to accept help or money from a person that you haven't known for at least a year. It says something about their self-respect, too. As an Indonesian woman, even at my lowest I would never ask someone for money. I would rather sell all my things first to provide for myself, before letting someone pay for me. It's a matter of principle and pride, and if someone dares to ask you for your money, or for you to buy them things, when they're not even your girlfriend, then I daresay that they are probably using you. Try not paying for anything for a few months, if they are still around, then you can call them real friends.


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          Ok...thanks a lot for the information ☺


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            I guess you still really tooo youngggg to ask this kind of question. Any part of the world will have the same answer...test your friendship!

            if you go make friend with local in here, be aware with your friends it your interest and safeness or how much many will flow out from your pocket?
            the second girl is straight point make you an ATM machine, all she got to do is telling sad story of her life and get your pity. Straight friend will not do me!

            and never ever ask any Indonesian if they want gift when you coming back...cause they will! If you want to bring, just bring it do not ask! The one that ask you for perfume...I personally will will cross her out from my friend list.

            make decent probably hang out in the wrong place...and there many wrong place here...I hope you found decent friends..I bet it is hard for you since Im "mixed" and already been back for years but still found this problems sometimes.