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  • Pondok wisata permit

    Would anyone be able to help me get my head round a pondok wisata licence.
    My wife is Indonesian and we (officially she) are building a house with a couple of small wooden villas that we want to rent out. She has approached the local government to enquire about a licence for this but just gets a blanket response - "You cannot build a new hotel because of moratorium". We've given up trying to explain that it's not not a hotel.
    I know that in Bali, a pondok wisata licence is the requirement. Is this also the case in Yogyakarta as can't see anything online about it?
    Also, do you know of any restrictions on mixed, non married couples staying in a homestay or villa here. There is a rule of not mixing male and female accommodation in kosts and flat houses in Jogja.
    Thanks for the help.
    Best wishes,

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    actually, it will be helpful when you also show the picture of sample villas and the location. Many area have different policy. In this way, we can mapping the actual problem. No need for detail address, just mention which banjar, kelurahan and kecamatan