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Would like to know more about living in Indonesia

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  • Would like to know more about living in Indonesia

    I am a professional currently living and working in Dallas, TX. I plan to move to Indonesia in a couple of years.
    I would like to get some idea about life in and people of Indonesia.
    For those of you who live in Indonesia as foreigners, would you recommend living in Indonesia?

    Thank you,

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    Originally posted by Jemarch27 View Post
    ... For those of you who live in Indonesia as foreigners, would you recommend living in Indonesia?... JE

    I personally do like to live in Bandung/Indonesia , but I would not like to live in Jakarta/Indonesia , for example . I think that you need to see/feel it by yourself , as choosing to live in a country with so many different places/cultures depends on each person's feeling . (about Indonesia)

    http://www.livinginindonesiaforum.or...1738#post21738 (tips to newcomers)


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      Well Im not a foreigner but a local., i can give some informations about living in Indonesia. Firstly, its so much cheaper to live here than in US for sure as our currency is so low compared with US dollars. In some small places you even can live with 100-200 USD per month!

      Secondly, generally Indonesians are friendly people especially people in small cities. They smile a lot.

      In contrast, language barrier is quite big here especially in small cities. Nevertheless, Some People in big cities can understand English but some of them are shy to reply you back. So its always a safer choice to learn Indonesian survival words in case you get lost.

      Hopefully it helps


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        particular I have not "stayed permanently. but has come to Indonesia,often, I guess it is matter of personal likes and how tolerant you are for a new culture. With so many places to stay or visit, it is kind of hard which one you would like, Particular, I like Bali, foreigner friendly and peaceful than other cities, specially if you are looking for a place to start on with the transition.

        Agree, people friendly, However some paper work (for different matters) can take longer than expected.

        In general, nice people, nice place and nice food (with so many varieties, specially if you like hot food)

        from a south american guy's point of view!

        hope it would be helpful as well


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          I agree with the point that marcus made,

          it really depends on where you decide to settle down.
          Language will be different, people will have a different culture, and life will feel different.
          Moving to the neighbor-island can be quite the difference.

          But Indonesia is a really really lovely place. The nature here is unbelievably rich and the people are a lot more friendly than in most countries..
          *(sorry to most countries)

          This doesn't make life here automatically better than in other places, but it is definitely a biiig plus for me.
          I have traveled a lot and at the end I decided to settle down here.
          I just fell in love with this place.

          The more you find out the more you will understand..
          I would recommend on learning the language once you have decided on this country.
          It is very easy to learn and you will have a lot more fun that way.

          All the best wishes for your plans