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Moving for health and safety reasons.

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  • Moving for health and safety reasons.

    Good evening guys and congratulations for this work & your valuable effort!!
    Sorry for disturbing you and posting my message here.

    I'm not from Indonesia and found your forum by chance, searching in google.
    If my words seem unlikable to you & if I manage to find a solution, you may delete this post.

    I'm a 27-year-old man, with a possible problem of Asperger syndrome, which doesn't let me speak orally in a normal way. I could contact by writing or by ''sign'' language.
    I come from a European country and I'm a native citizen.


    I'm still trying to find the suitable person for helping me to leave my native place.

    Our local authorities didn't help me AT ALL.
    You know, there's full of corruption in our law system, we don't have the typical medical services & our own NPO are collapsed. We 're totally a mess.

    I'm gonna send this message in 2 other Asian countries in order to find a solution.
    I didn't manage to take any kind of help here and I'm looking to move somewhere else.

    I'm penniless, I don't have my own money, except from a small amount of a back account from an old heritage, which I could use the half one to pay my one-way ticket.

    I search to take a residence, an amnesty or something like that, as an abused & disabled person, looking for a safe place to stay and have some food and water...
    You don't know what I confront in my house, guys.

    I'm NOT moving to another place for contacting or finding friends. This is the last think I want and I won't be able to make friendships with anybody ever, because of my disorder.
    And please, I don't wanna take either financial help or allowances by Indonesia or another country.

    If I could recover from this problem, I could find a job, not for taking money in return, but to have (in exchange) just a simple constant & clean shelter/apartment or whatever, with providing of food, water, bathroom and internet access.

    I'm practically unable to speak orally and to handle difficult situations with crowd, money, banks, ATMs, supermarkets, because of the Asperger syndrome.
    But firstly, I have to stay for a long-term time in a shelter to calm down and get away from this harmful situation.

    This is not a scam or something.
    I could give you whatever you want to make you my situation clearer, and to feel safe about the truth.

    Until this moment, I've only got an ID card in my possession. So I guess I should find a way to issue a passport in order to travel.
    It's a bit easy to move in another European country with my ID card only, but Europe is kinda full of hatred and I would not be comfortable to get there.

    Each country has its pros and cons. But I think that your own way of life in Asia is kinda more simple and much more interesting than in many other European countries.

    If you wish, you may promote my text in some relative sites in Indonesia to explain my problem & give you more details about myself and my case.
    I'm gonna give you my identity elements in personal message or posting here, but I have to trust somebody before doing that.

    I'm at your disposal ,in case you need to confirm my words.
    Thanks for reading my message.

    Take care!!

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    Originally posted by dimpap12 View Post
    ... I'm a 27-year-old man, with a possible problem of Asperger syndrome, which doesn't let me speak orally in a normal way ... I come from a European country ...
    I'm still trying to find the suitable person for helping me to leave my native place.
    Our local authorities didn't help me AT ALL ...
    I'm penniless, ...

    I guess it is easier for you to find help in Europe . At lest there , more people understand English and , as far as I heard , many countries there have government's help programs for people with disabilities and/or poor (you cannot expect to get similar things from Indonesia , a lot poorer country) .


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      You 're right, although I wrote it before.
      It's pretty easy to find some kind of social help in Europe, but I also guess that it's more difficult to accept me staying & there is kinda more racism.

      But I think that your own opinion has not to do with your ''poorer'' country totally.

      You seem just a hypocrite who tries to find an excuse for not accepting a guy without money in your ''poorer'' country.

      I wish I was wrong.

      Anyway, thanks for replying me marcus.


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        Probably my last words for you : you better look for a solution near you , not thousands miles away in foreign countries that you know little about . You are young , so take your time to learn more about everything (a lot of free and good information is available online) , knowledge will help you in finding the best solution for your specific case .