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    Someone please explain why most indonesians seem to think that the function of a door is to stay open. And chronic inability to close them properly. I swear if I was hiring, I'd take the first candidate who can actually operate a door properly. Not sure I'd find one in the first 100 applicants.

    Complained to our building management the hallway privacy door's closer mechanism in our floor needs attention since it won't close the door anymore. "But then the door will not stay open!"

    Silly me thought it's supposed to shield us from noise and smells in the hallway, and give us more time to escape in case of fire by keeping smoke away, although not a proper fire door it will still keep smoke away, and most people in fires die from smoke inhalation, not the actual fire. Especially in a high-rise, you want every possible door to be closed between you and neighbors. One day it might save your life.

    Now I know better: doors are ornamental pieces of architecture purported to make indonesians feel good as they glide effortlessly through the open doorways, feeling welcome.

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    Totally different mind set, isn't it ... goes back to "what is the function of a door" ... culturally!!

    For me, that's to: ensure privacy, to keep out bugs and to keep the air conditioning in ... but if you don't have air conditioning, and aren't concerned with bugs or privacy .. I would imagine you would see the function of doors in a very different light
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