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Google Maps Driving Directions now work in Jakarta

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  • Google Maps Driving Directions now work in Jakarta

    Just in case others haven't bothered trying recently, over the past 4 months or so, Google Maps first got extremely detailed Jakarta street maps, and then some time recently, driving directions started to work.

    It knows the names of the streets, it knows which ones are one way and which ones are big/small. It will suggest alternative routes and let you add intermediate destinations just by dragging the blue line around.

    Basically, it works just like it does in many other large cities around the world.

    It is not aware of numbered addresses (house numbers), so if you want to be really exact, then you have to know where something is located on the map and you can click to get directions from or to that precise location (including one side of the street vs the other), but you cannot type in "jalan sudirman nomor 40" or anything like that, because it does not seem to know which numbers are where. (not surprising).

    Typing in street names alone works just fine, although I have more success spelling out "jalan" instead of "jl" or "jln".

    Perhaps most importantly, I've found the directions to actually be quite good, often matching the turns a taxi driver will take turn for turn (if that says anything)

    Here's a random example that shows some alternate routes:,0.090895&z=14

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    I tried it to find a restaurant. It found a place. Unfortunately it was the wrong place -- not even in the ball park. As Google is fond of absolve its selves of responsibility for glitches in its freeware, I suspect that it would still consider Jakarta maps to be in the Beta phase. I suggest you get corroboration to assure its directions are correct.
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      I didn't say that it had business listings. That would require knowledge of where individual address numbers are located on a street, which I said it does not have. So yes, business listings are inaccurate, and often (if they show up with blue icons) community contributed and not google's listings.

      It only knows street names, and it has never failed me with those, or directions based on them.


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        I've bookmarked it for future reference. Thanks.


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          Originally posted by scooter View Post
          It only knows street names, and it has never failed me with those, or directions based on them.
          Perhaps you are just luckier than I. My was searching for a street in South Jakarta where the business is located, but Google maps said it was in Jakarta Pusat. That's what I meant by, "not even in ball park."


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            I see. What's the name of the street?


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              Name of the street? Don't recall other than we were looking for a pancake place; its been several weeks & we decided to go elsewhere. I have found the Jakarta Street Atlas by Periplus to be a good, detailed street reference, but it also is not entirely accurate. For example, it uses an old street name for one of my in-laws that was changed over 5 years ago. My point is and was that one simply cannot assume and would be well served, in the frustration-mitigation department, to always check more than one reference before setting out to a new destination.


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                Hi Allister, I know that its been a long time since you asked this question but I don't see any solutions to the code. Have you got the solution regarding the driving directions google by any chance? Looking forward to hearing from your side or anybody who has the solution.