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Hahaha Google translate Joko Widodo is Jim Widodo

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  • Hahaha Google translate Joko Widodo is Jim Widodo

    Original article in Indonesian:

    Jakarta, 5/2 (ANTARA) - Gubernur DKI Jakarta Joko widodo menyatakan ada sembilan program unggulan dalam Rencana Pembangunan Jangka Menengah Daerah (RPJMD) DKI periode 2013-2017.

    After Google's help in translation:

    Jakarta, 5/2 (ANTARA) - Jakarta Governor Jim widodo claimed nine flagship programs in the Medium Term Development Plan (RPJMD) Establishments period 2013-2017.

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    How dare them to do that !

    It supposed to be translate as Jack Widodo ...
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      That's hilarious!

      We ought to run other random Indonesian/English phrases through Google translate to see what fun stuff comes out. (It's probably been done before on the board, but such things remain fun even if they aren't original.)

      Google Translate says that "asal bapak senang" means "father happy home."
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        "Gengsi dong" comes out "prestige dong." Oh boy, I am NOT touching that one. In a public forum anyway. (I'll touch it however I want to in private.)


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          I was used to receive an hilarious message from a fellow hasher every two weeks to give us the direction to follow to reach the meeting point. She was starting her message by "Head towards Malalayang" (or any other direction). Then she was using google translate to translate it in bahasa Indonesia for those of us who were not native english speakers. It was then "Kepala ke arah Malalayang."


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            My favorite mis-translation comes from a subtitle (it can be hysterical to watch an English language movie and read the Indonesian subtitles at the same time.) Bear with me if I've shared this on the forum before ...It was an episode of the TV show "Numbers."

            Two crime-fighters, one of whom was a genius/math prodigy, were discussing how to stay one step ahead of the episode's villain. Indicating that he thought it would be very difficult to figure out what the villain was thinking/planning to do next, the genius said "Well, he's really smart."

            The other guy responded "Yeah - your kind of smart." Meaning that the villain and the genius had the same type of intelligence, so hopefully the genius would be able to figure out what the villain would do.

            But "yeah, your kind of smart" was rendered in the subtitles as "Iya, Mas agak pinter." Perfect! Just like "kepala ke arah..." If you break the sentence into small enough chunks, why yes ... it's a perfectly accurate translation.

            I guess it's not sidesplittingly funny, but for some reason "Mas agak pinter" always makes me laugh.


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              Originally posted by Puspawarna View Post
              Google Translate says that "asal bapak senang" means "father happy home."
              Try translating into Gaelic. Asal = donkey
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                Saw a display of cookware in one of the malls...brand is Silit. Don't need a google translator for that!