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Kid kissing hand of parent

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    I read most of the replays until page 3 but hardly found a spiritualistic explanation behind this custom. In Javanese/Islamic culture there is something called BLESSING. Deepdown behind this costume is the Islamic teaching that the Allah (god) bless depends on the blessing of parent and God's wreath depends on the wreath of the parents. This basic teaching mixed with the teaching to respect elderly or teacher then expanded to other respected group (teacher, older sibling, aunts, uncles, grand ma/pa or any elderly relatives etc.). It's never been a heritage of ancient Javanese feudalism, where the gesture of respect was by bowing very low or squatting with head down. The tradition was mainly introduced by walisongo, a group of Islamic scholars who successfully brought Islam to Java in 13th century.
    The custom encompasses respect, love and bless seeking. Again, as in my knowledge it's never been a symbol of submission. This is a beautiful tradition i hope Indonesian will preserve and proud of.


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