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Documents needed for apply dual citizenship..

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  • Documents needed for apply dual citizenship..

    My dad is indonesian but i was born here in new zealand. im going to indonesia on a sosbud. but i was told that i can apply for indonesian residency because my dad is indonesian which automatically makes me indonesian before im 18. and i have just turned 17. so what are the documents needed to present to them when getting my indonesian residency ??

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    Since the immigration law that governs dual citizenship was signed in 2006, it automatically applies only to anyone born after the law took effect. Those born before 2006 had until 2010 to register and apply for dual Indonesian citizenship. Assuming you didn't apply for it back then, you are considered a citizen of NZ only. The new 2011 law grants permanent residence to former Indonesian citizens, since technically you have never been one, you are not eligible for it. Sorry.


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      I concur with Injun's post. It's also too late for you to apply for dual citizenship in the scope of article 41 UU 12/2006 tentang kewarganegaraan RI (you had untill August 1st 2010 to do so) and you don't qualify for a naturalization.