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Cultural & Contemporary Music/Art Event in Bandung

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  • Cultural & Contemporary Music/Art Event in Bandung

    [FONT=century gothic][COLOR=#27374C]Celebrating National Music Day of Indonesia, KALAWANGSA PRESENT:
    [COLOR=#27374C]Art of Music
    March 12th &13th, 2016
    Capolaga, Subang

    West Java
    [COLOR=#27374C]We are bringing traditional music and culture together with mother nature which has been left behind by a lot of people because we consumed too much from modernity and technology.
    Mother nature nowadays for some people is becoming an enemy for its disasters, because humanity is slowy disappear from human itself. We care much about materialistic things rather than heart and conscience.[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#27374C]Through art, music and camp, we wanted to let people know that there is hope in humanity. There is hope to keep our basic things as a human being to take care of each other, to take care of Mother Nature as we used to be, and not surrender or being lulled by technology and modernity.[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#27374C]This event is not being sponsored by anyone. But we do appreciate donation and collective support by YOU!
    Be a part of the team, make this come true!
    *IDR 50k (inc. Entrance ticket, sharing tent & mattress)
    *IDR 100k (only tent for 5 person inc. sleeping bag & mattress)
    [COLOR=#27374C]Contact me for more information and RSVP.
    Gina +62 811 223 5556 (whatsapp, call, sms available)[/COLOR]
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