Perhaps you remember the 2012 European Championship football (soccer): http://www.livinginindonesiaforum.or...l=1#post263090

Spain set a new record and humiliated Italy in the finals. Ă„nnchen was crowned as Pristine Football Expert. So what will it be next year? Any surprises? (The Netherlands did not qualify!) Will there be a new friendly betting competition on the forum and if so who will take over Ă„nnchen's crown?

Next year France will organize the tournament. Yesterday in Paris, there has been a 'group draw' to put every participating country in a group. There are 6 groups:

It seems Group E will be most difficult one. Belgium is number 1 on the world ranking, Italy wants revenge (also for the 3-1 against Belgium), Zlatan still thinks he's the best player of the world and believes in Zlatan, and never underestimate the hard working Irish.

The tournament will take place from 10 June to 10 July.

More to follow...